BMW R 1200 GS Maintenance and Repair

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Dear Motorcycle friends,

Here you see the first release from our DVD series, which is aimed at avid amateur motorcycle mechanic.

Our claim is defined from the outset clear: in easy and detailed steps, we show you how to maintain your motorcycle repair themselves. 
If you enjoy motorcycle technology and always wanted to know (but as yet not afraid to ask) how this works in detail, 
then you are right! You know your bike better, build on your technical confidence and save money on top of it.
This DVD shows you the annual inspection and the main interval work on your BMW R 1200 GS from the built in 2004.

Even if your machine is older or much newer than that presented here, many works can be carried out similarly to those shown by us. 
We use simple tools, which should be in every workshop of an amateur motorcycle mechanic.

We will show the work that every 10,000, 20,000, 40,000 and 60,000 km., including:
Adjust valves, change brake pads, ABS brake system (for series 2004-2006), bleed V-belt alternator and more.

A lot of useful tips and tricks for the work carried out round out this release.
And when you get stuck: we will not let you down!

 Send us an email (via our contact form) and we try as quickly as possible to help you further.
 To all non-BMW drivers: reports on other motorcycle brands are already being planned.

ISBN: 978-3-00-032420-8

Model: BMW R 1200 GS

Video format: 16:9 PAL

Audio: Stereo

Languages: English, German

Subtitles: none

Playing Time: app. 60 min.
Music download (© Herr Marcus Straczkowski)

Complete - Hidden Sense
Complete - Mashala Dub
Complete - Sad Cosmos

Price: 29.95 € incl. 19% VAT


Hi, do you plan making such a video for BMW R1100GS or I could just use this existing one? I just loved the demo on youtube!!!

Milos Gajic
21:04:02 02-04-2012

Hi, were concentrating now at F-650 Model. Give us a bit time, well think it over.

Moto Cycle Team
21:37:05 02-05-2012

I just bought a new r1200GSA 2012 and I was wandering if you have a DVD for this year and model?!
Please let me know via email.
Tanks very much:)

0:53:27 09-03-2012

Hello, not yet, but in planning.

Moto Cycle Team
21:31:14 02-05-2012

I have an R1200rt 2007; can I use your DVD and the technical information for my bike? I really appreciate your clarity and completeness!!

19:55:02 25-11-2011

Yes, you can use our DVD for your bike. Our DVD covers the models 2006-2009. moto-cycle team

Moto Cycle Team
22:12:49 26-11-2011

do you guys ship out to United states?
and you take my credit card?
thank you

scott moon
18:48:45 21-11-2011

we ship our DVD to the U.S. Unfortunately we do not accept any credit cards. You can pay using our PayPal account:

Moto Cycle Team
22:14:29 26-11-2011

I would like to know about the possibility to send this DVD to Brasil.
Thank you

Canrobert Mac Cormick
1:21:30 09-11-2011

yes, we ship our DVD to Brasil as well.

Moto Cycle Team
22:15:06 26-11-2011

Hi, I´m from Argentina, Mendoza,and I would really like to know how I could get this video film, and in which ways I can pay for it. Maybe you can send me a link from a website from which I can download it.
I hope to hear from you soon!

Jose Eduardo Frigole
0:00:19 08-09-2011

simply just go to our site, switch to english version of the site and purchase our DVD using shopping cart. You can pay using our PayPal account:

Moto Cycle Team
22:17:28 26-11-2011